Life in Rural Germany

Alfred Langer personally lived through the horrors of war and became a Sudetenland Refugee, an innocent pawn as a result of the actions of a mad man. He tells of the Life in Rural Germany during and after a devastating war in his new book, A New Beginning.

In the years 1945 and 1946, after the end of WW II, two and a quarter million German citizens were expelled from Sudetenland.  One families life in rural Germany was especially impacted by this tragic event. The Langer family was driven out of their home and, as Sudetenland Refugees, were forced into poverty and had to make a new beginning in far away rural Germany. Sudetenland Refugees, also called Flüchtlinge, suffered unspeakable hardship during their transport in cattle cars and endured sickness and starvation. Their strong faith helped them survive the daily challenge to stay alive. As refugees, they fought an uphill battle to be accepted in the social strata of their new community in rural Germany, but perseverance and hard work helped them overcome the negative sentiment Sudetenland Refugees had to endure. In Alfred Langer’s book, A New Beginning the Compelling True Story of One Man’s Journey Against Overwhelming Odds, he describes the life in rural Germany in detail, how his family and the Sudetenland Refugees had to suffer. His pursuit to achieve the American Dream when he arrived in the USA motivated him to write about the expulsion of Germans, having been a Flüchtling and the struggle to survive as a Sudetenland Refugee. He became an American citizen, served in the California National Guard, became a successful businessman and after retiring made it his mission to publicize the little known plight of the expulsion of Flüchtlinge and the life in rural Germany. His is a story that will touch your heart and stay in your mind long after reading the final chapter.

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